Dampwood Termite

The dampwood termite is being fed upon the damp wood. The dampwood termite is that kind of termite which is totally from the subterranean and the drywoods. They are limited in the geographic distribution. The dampwood termite can easily be found in the inland mountains of the Oregon, Northern Nevada, Washington, Florida and California and in the coastal mountains. However, it is easy and simple to control the dampwood termites with various chemicals.

termite picturesDescription of Dampwood Termite

The dampwood termite is also referred as the rotten wood. They feed upon the damp and rotting the timber woods, which is generally found in the pacific region. Dampwood termite generally set up their new nests in the month of January and October. They are also known by the name of swamps. In fact they have various names according to their species, life style, body structures and regions.

Features of Dampwood Termite

The dampwood termite is usually larger than other termites by nearly a half of an inch. As by their name, you can simply guess that they eat the woods and in reality they generally eats the wood from both outside and inside. They do not need any shelter to live in as they use to travel from one food source to the other.

How One Can Recognize a Dampwood Termite

The dampwood termite is of light caramel color thorax and abdomen. Actually they are different in their body structures according to their species and regions; they can be much recognized by the pictures of termites. By the help of the pictures of termites, you can recognize the species of different termites.

They can also be recognized by knowing the fact that these termites are normally of large size than the subterranean termites. The dampwood termite helps the wood to crumble fungi to boom in the humid conditions.

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